Saturday, June 7, 2008

Top 10 Secrets of Interns Who Get Full Time Jobs

Did you know that most companies with an internship programs really wants to convert the college students in the internship program into full time permanent career hires? Well they do.

Organizations like INROADS prepare college students to participate in prestigeous internship programs with that goal in mind.

As you complete your paid internship or unpaid internship this summer, think about these "must haves" from INROADS to help you convert your summer internship to a full time job offer.

-Good college resume(College Sample Resumes)
-Excellent communication skills
-Team skills
-Strategic outlook
-Training as it relates to performance
-Problem solving and critical thinking skills
-Community service experience
-Self confidence
-Corporate etiquette is crucial
-Networking makes you more attractive

Read the full article at IMDiversity here: Top 10 Secrets of Interns Who Get Full Time Jobs.


Anonymous said...

Good tips. Getting an internship turned into a full time job is definitely one way to lessen the stress in the last year of college. I did not do an internship before graduating from college - just could not afford the salary cut - but it made it harder for me.

Marcia said...

It is understandable that some people cannot afford to take a separate internship, with a full time job.

Sometimes it helps if you look around your existing workplace and see if you can negotiate an internship in your existing company.


altyrian.intern said...

I also didn't do an internship during college, but am in the middle of one now as a recent graduate. Every summer I worked full-time, but I realized that I need this experience to stay competitive. What I do now is intern part-time and work part-time so I still have some income. Another thing to try is to look for a full-time paid internship. It's pretty much the same thing as a regular job, but temporary (although it could progress into a permanent position).
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