Tuesday, June 17, 2008

High School Diploma and Employment Certificate

Almost 200 high school students who graduated this year from Amador Valley High School in California, graduated with more than a high school diploma this year. They graduated with a eligibility certificate to show potential employers that they are capable of getting hired and keeping a job.

The "Tri-Valley Educational Collaborative "Employability Certificate" is available to schools in three school districts - Pleasanton, Dublin and Livermore.

To qualifiy for the "Employability Certificate" students needed to have a cover letter, high school resume and a career portfolio.

The program was a result of complaints from regional employers who said complained that high school job applicants did not have the basic skills needed to get hired and succeed on the job.

The hope is that this "Employability Certificate" will give students an advantage in finding a summer job and subsequent job searches.

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