Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tips for Landing Part Time Jobs for Teens

About is a job board that lists thousands of part time jobs for teens in all kinds of industries including restaurant, retail, office, homecare, light industrial and more. The ZIP code search lets teens looking for work easily find and apply to part-time, full-time and seasonal jobs. Job seekers can create accounts and receive job alerts via email with hundreds of part time jobs perfect for teens.

Here are some tips for landing the first part time job from Snag-A-Job:

1. Set expectations. Teens should know what they are getting into when they apply for part time jobs and set realistic expectations about their availability and their commitment.

2. Prepare. Learn about the job search process from resume writing to job application to interviewing.

3. Spread the word. Most jobs for teens are found through networking. Teens should tell people they are looking for a part time job.

4. Consider options. Teens shouldn't limit themselves to the dream job just yet. Keep in mind the first part time job for a teen is about gaining experience.

Some additional tips from BullsEyeResumes:
1. Teens looking for work should get parents involved.
2. Get documents such as resume, social security card and working papers together.
3. Teens can ask for job search assistance at the high school career center.
4. Use good communication skills and be courteous throughout the job search.

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