Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fall College Recruiting Check List for College Students

I hate to say it but the summer is just about over.

Microwave. Check!
Towels. Check!
Iron. Check!

This is pretty much the kind of checklist that students and parents are using this time of year as college studens head back to school!

College juniors and seniors going back this year, should consider another type of checklist if they want to land great entry level jobs or get accepted into competitive college internship programs next year.

As college students prepare to participate in on campus recruiting programs this fall, here are 5 things to put on a new checklist.

1. Understand personal traits. Include both strengths and weaknesses. Make a list of three strengths and weaknesses and commit to working on them this fall. Use career tests in your college career center if you need help.

2. Know what you value. Make a list of things that are important to you in a college internship program or in an entry level career beyond graduation. Nothing is unimportant if it means something to you. Include things like working conditions, benefits and training.

3. Take stock of your job skills
Make a checklist of skills that are important to succeed in the summer internship program or entry level career of your dreams. List your current job skills and the ones you need to acquire.

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Miss Cotty said...

You are right. every time my daughter came home from college I lost pots and towels. I didn't know all the offices at school fro her to go to.