Saturday, August 23, 2008

Do You Dance at Work Like Usain Bolt?

Much has been said for the last several days about Usain Bolt's performance at the Beijing Olympics and I know more will be said. Even controversal IOC President, Rogge couldn't resist chiding Usain Bolt, who now holds 3 world records, on his post run display of excitement.

Here is what Bolt had to say after Rogge shared his comments:

"It's good to enjoy yourselves. This is my work, this is my job. There is no point in doing your work if you don't enjoy it."

One of my favorite photos from the entire Olympics is this photo of a barefoot Usain dancing on the field and draped in a Jamaican flag.

Bolt's reaction to Bogge and this photo made me want to ask:

- How many of us still dance at work?
- When was the last time you danced at work?
- Do you know people who no longer dance at work?
- Do you know people who no longer even smile at work?
- How many of us long for a time to enjoy our work again?
- How can we recommit to being happy at work again?

I think many of us are laboring in unhappy places and dissatisfied with our own careers. Whether or not we agree with how Usain Bolt celebrates, it is clear that he is having fun doing what he does.


Miss Cotty said...

I like the concept of dancing at work. More of us need to do that.

Miss Cotty

Marcia said...

Many of us really do not enjoy work anymore. However, it is not as easy to leave or make permanent changes as we would like. Maybe finding a way to have a few minutes by ourselves away from our routine will be dancing enough for us!