Sunday, August 24, 2008

High School Sample Resume Objective

Do I need a Resume Objective?

Although you might mention your job objective on your application or in your cover letter, most employers still like to see an objective statement in the top 30% of your high school resume.

The resume objective gives your high school resume a focus and lets the hiring manager know what specific type of position you are seeking. One job search strategy that really works is to create separate resumes with different resume objectives for different jobs.

Here are a few templates to use:
1. [Name of department] where my skills can [identify a goal].
eg. [Front desk assistant] where my skills can [help to serve customers].

2. A part time position as a [name or type of position] allowing me to use my [state your qualifications]
eg. A part time position as a [camp counselor] allowing me to use my [experience as a babysitter for the last 2 years]

3. To use my [qualifications] as a [position title].
eg. To use my [web design experience] as a [part time webmaster].

Check out these high school sample resumes.

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