Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Show Career Training Benefits on Your Resume

Career colleges offering career training and vocational training specialize in hands-on job training programs to prepare you for a career. They can quickly help you build on current job skills, acquire new job skills and draft a successful job search strategy.

Here are some of the skills that your vocational resume should showcase as you complete your career training program and begin job hunting.

1.Projects and practical, hands-on classes
Career training focuses on teaching you the skills you need to hit the ground running in the job market. Career placement services in career training programs know what practical hands-on experience employers want and can help you include those into your resume.

2. Time Management
Career training programs can be an intense commitment of time. Completion shows good work ethic, motivation and commitment. Employers should see that on a vocational grad's resume. Talk about if you have worked full time while in school.

3. Flexibility
Some career training and vocational training programs offer on-line and on-site classes at different times to suit students who have to work around family commitments. This demonstrates flexibility on your part and a willingness to come out of your comfort zone.

4. Determination and Motivation
The fact that you were determined and motivated to successfully enroll and finish career training or vocational training program is a characteristic that employers will value and look for in new candidates.

5. Buzz words
As you complete your career training program and get ready for job hunting, beef up your knowledge of specific industry “buzz” words and phrases. Use these industry "buzz" words in your resume to demonstrate industry knowledge. Recruiters and Hiring Managers will be using these "buzz" words to screen resumes to find the right candidate. You should use them too!

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