Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Schedules Affected by Gas Prices

Several colleges including 2-year colleges in South Carolina modified fall school schedules to help students save on commuting costs.

Some of the big changes?
- Eliminating Friday classes
- Creating one day schedules so that students could come to campus just one day per week
- Ramping up online classes
- Helping students out with gas cards

One 18-year old nursing freshman, Bridget Morton whose schedule would now allow one less 30-mile round trip to Cheraw school, told the Aiken Standard, "It is a big help. Gas prices are through the roof."

Savings are actually going beyond the gas tank, since some adult students also had less need for childcare programs.

The reaction of schools to gas prices really demonstrate the flexibility in vocational training programs that understand that responsibilities of todays students.

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