Friday, September 26, 2008

How College Grads Turn Off Employers

With unemployment rate at 6.1%, the highest in five years, unemployed college grads need to think seriously about what employers are observing from them in the job search.

When asked to identify the biggest mistakes recent college graduates make during the application and job interview process, employers cited the following:

- 69% say that new college grads who are acting bored or cocky in the job search
- 65% say candidates are not dressing appropriately
- 59% candidates coming to the interview with no knowledge of the company
- 57% cited new graduates not turning off cell phones or electronic devices
- 50% are not asking good questions during the interview
- 39% cited candidates asking about pay is before the company considered them for the job
- 23% cited candidates who spam employers with the same resume and/or cover letter
- 20% cite failure to remove unprofessional photos/content from social networking pages, Web pages, blogs, etc

Some recommendations to be more competitive:
-Customize your communications.
- Get involved.
- Leverage the Internet.
- Clean up your digital dirt.
- Read - Looking for a Job? Make it easy for employers to find you. Set up a professional voicemail and email account

The basics still apply as well. Be respectful of the recruiter's and arrive on time. Dress conservatively and turn off your cell phone. Be sure to remind the employer that you are really interested in the job.


Miss Cotty said...

I am surprised that 65% of college grads are still turning off employers with the way they dress for the interview. i thought more people would know by now.

Marcia Robinson said...

From my experience, it is not that they don't know. Sometimes they know but under estimate the importance of how the employer will look at it.

Many jobseekers do not prepare for last minute surprises and end up with wardrobe malfunctions at the last minute.

Reminds me of the time I got dressed in the dark, not wanting to disturb the household by turning on too many lights and got to my interview to discover my blouse was inside out under my jacket.

It pays to prepare the day before.


Anonymous said...

this information is timely