Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Get a Grip; What Does Your Handshake Say About You!

I see teens greeting each other and realized that many are not aware of the fundamental business handshake. We assume everyone knows how to shake hands, right? Not so.

As my teen son said to me a few days ago, does anyone expect a high school student to know how to shake hands like business people? Yes. People do.

Your handshake is one of those things that people in general or hiring managers will remember about you. If you are a teenager looking for work, keep these handshaking tips in mind when you attend a job fair, meet a manager or go to an interview:

1) Offer your hand while looking the other person in the eye. Smile, and offer a quick introduction of yourself. eg. "Hello, my name is Job Seeker".

2) Young ladies should really be sure to offer a firm grip. The key is palm to palm contact. Limp fingers with no movement do not make a handshake.

3) Two to three pumps of the hand, not too fast, will do.

4) Of course be sure your hands are clean, warm and dry.

A hearty handshake is one way to demonstrate your confidence and professionalism. Don't be shy about extending your hand to as many people as you can and practise getting your handshake just right.


Eugene said...

This helped me bunch. I have always wondered about the proper way to shake an employers hand.I feel that you techniques will prove useful in the future.

Marcia Robinson said...

Let me know how it goes after you try it a few times. It will help you be more impressive at a job interview or when meeting someone new.

stella said...

wow. i didn't know it was such a science."be sure your hands are clean, warm and dry." well, my hands are always cold...so does that exempt me from shaking hands?

Marcia Robinson said...

Good question Stella. Drawing attention to your cole hands, would be a good way to lighten the moment actually.

You could say for example say as you shake - "my hands always seem to be a little bit cold, hope it doesn't feel that cold to you."