Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Politicians Don't Understand; We are in a Recession!

Sometimes I think I am not paying enough attention to the media or I am not listening to enough talk radio since I don't hear a lot of talk about the recession in which I think we are mired. Since I am in the career development profession, I am meeting a lot of people who have lost their jobs or are afraid of losing their jobs. The 6.1% unemployment rate announced last week by the Department of Labor, confirms that people have a lot to worry about.

I actually didn't need to hear the numbers to know that many people are having a really hard time making ends meet and are experiencing difficult times.

Here are some of the barometers that I see just in my everyday routines:

1. The length of time it takes for me to get on to the freeway via the on ramp. I was thinking traffic was light because it was a slow summer. However, the kids are back to school and the traffic from nearby new housing developments has lessened significantly.

2. The unbelievable costs of everyday food items. My jaw totally dropped on a recent trip to the supermarket to find that a bottle of domestic Canola Oil cost almost the same as a bottle of imported Olive Oil.

3. The number of conference participants willing to share a room with a colleague at a recent career conference.

What are your everyday barometers?

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Ray said...

If you look at all the $150K jobs posted on employment sites, youd think this was a boom time...


There are attractive jobs out there for people if they know where to look.

Marcia said...

You are right Ray there are definitely still attractive jobs out there.

I encourage jobseekers to use a combination of tech and touch by using job boards as well as taking advantage of networking opportunities.


victor said...

I have a shorter wait at Starbucks and I don't go every day anymore.

Marcia said...


Good one. I think my hubby would agree. I see more coffee cups from Dunkin Donuts around the house.