Monday, October 27, 2008

Apprenticeships for VoTech Graduates

College students looking to gain practical job skills in careers offering high hourly wages and future stable employment should consider an Apprenticeship training program.

Many college graduates are opting to add a recognized apprenticeship program after completing 2-year college programs.

The Department of Labor defines registered apprenticeships as follows:

"Registered apprenticeships are formalized career training programs that offer a combination of structured on-the-job training and related technical instruction to employees. The goal is to train employees in occupations that demand a high level of skill.

Apprenticeship training standards are industry-driven; an industry or program sponsor determines the skill requirements needed to build and sustain a quality workforce.

The apprenticeships can last from one to six years based on the occupation. The apprentice works and learns under the direction or experienced journey workers and typically salaries will increase as these college graduates gain more training.

The Department of Labor offers several online brochures to give more information on apprenticeship programs in multiple industries.

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