Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Attention Class of 2009! Where are You in Your Job Search?

Although the news is mixed and changing from one day to the next, I think we can generally agree that the economy is in somewhat of a tailspin right about now. Regardless of how things unfold day by day, if you are job hunting you must keep a longer term view of your job search. Our goal here at BullsEye is to help you stay focused on securing a full time career after graduation or a competitive internship or fellowship opportunity.

The University of Minnesota has a great online tool, that is very similar to a checklist or career test I used during my time as a Career Counselor.

This checklist has thirty statements, each requiring a simple "Yes" or "No" response.

Questions are listed in 3 categories to measure different things:

A. What You Know About Yourself and Your Preferences
eg. I can name my favorite work activities.

B. What You Know About Employers
eg. I have researched at least three fields of employment.

C. Your Job-Seeking Contacts With Employers
I have prepared a resume with which I am satisfied.

It will take a few minutes to do this quick assessment and the results will help you, the upcoming college grads know where they are in the job search you are right now.

Once you answer the questions, take the results to your college career center to help you develop a job search strategy for troubling times.

Take the assessment here!

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