Friday, October 17, 2008

Older Workers Should Create Positive Online Profiles

The internet should be adapted as part of the successful career reentry strategy for Baby Boomers and older workers. However, many are not using the available job search technology such as career blogs, job boards, online training and resume distribution or referral services.

One reason is fear due to the prevalence of online fraud targeting seniors. In 2004 alone the Federal Trade Commission reported that older Americans had lost over $150 million through these internet scams.

Older workers who want to develop an online job search strategy might want to include some of these practises in their processes:

- Secure your computer with anti virus software
- Use computers at local libraries or career one-stops
- Never enter your social security number as part of an online job search. If there is a request, send an email for clarification.
- Create a separate email account you will check regularly and that is accessible via the web. Use this email for your job search.
- Use niche job boards associated with specific industries and professional associations.

Additional reading:
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- Explore social networking sites
- Use job boards at professional association web sites

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