Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Top 26 Wierd Jobs from Survey

This year’s top picks are:

A - Autopsy assistant
B - Bartender at the Liberace mansion
C - Cat nanny
D - Donkey trainer
E - Elf at Santa’s workshop
F - FBI Fingerprint examiner
G - Grave digger
H - Hurricane hunter
I - Ice sculpture carver
J - Junk mail machine operator
K- Kitty litter box decorator
L - Laser tag referee
M - Magician’s assistant
N - Nuclear electrician on a submarine
O - Opera singer
P - Parachute tester
Q - Quality control/taster for chocolate factory
R - Romance specialist
S - Scratcher (scratched backs for patients)
T - Turkey wrangler
U - Undercover vice decoy
V - Video game tester
W - Wallpaper peeler
X - X-ray technician for zoo animals
Y - Yawn counter at a sleep clinic
Z - Zamboni driver


james said...

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Marcia said...

Thanks James.

I always love these odd ball lists. You never know one of these careers might spark someone's curiosity.