Monday, November 24, 2008

Check out the Happy at Work Manifesto

If you thought only politicians had manifestos you are wrong.

Alexander Kjerulf, author of The Happy at Work Manifesto, says that being happy at work is a choice you make and if you decide to take steps towards happiness, you can be.

The Happy at Work Manifesto lists 25 rules to live by to be happier at work.

Here are number 24 and 25. Download your own copy here.

24: I recognize that power, status symbols, a corner office or even access to the corporate jet won’t make me happy at work. It feels good at first, sure, but the thrill quickly fades and it can never make up for a bad job.

25: Happiness at work comes from the things you and I do here and now.
I will get others involved and I will start now.


evelyn said...

Many of us sure can use a little "happy at work time". There is so much uneasiness this was a breath of freh air

Marcia Robinson said...

Hi Evelyn,

It is so much easier to be happy at work than to be unhappy. I think fear holds a lot of people back.