Monday, November 24, 2008

Debunking the Holiday Job Search Myth

Too many people believe in the myth that companies do not make hiring decisions between Thanksgiving and January.

Companies do hire and in fact may want to make those decisions before the end of this year. In a tight economy, the Class of 2009 can expect some heavy competition in the job market. This holiday season is not the time to slack off on the job search. Instead use time off from college this holiday season to:

- Stay focused and continue to submit resumes for on campus interviews or for entry level career programs with preferred employers.
- Network with family and friends during the holidays. Share your goals and plans if you are graduating next spring and do not be shy about getting help with job leads.
- Plan for an early return to campus after checking out the career center's event calendar. Chances are you can get your resume critiqued and get some early career coaching before the semester begins.
- Shop for some interview attire if you don't already have business professional or business casual attire at school.
- Making connections in a holiday job. Many students are having a hard time getting college loans right now, so if you have to work - do that.

Spending some time this holiday season on your job search will help you get ahead of the competition. Your goal should be to get hired before you walk in the spring.

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