Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Graduating and Have No Experience? No Problem

Are you graduating from a vocational training program and have little or no experience in the field? If your related work experience is weak you should be thinking hard about other relevant experience to sell in the job interview.

Keep in mind that employers are not as interested in where you developed the job skills you have, as much as which job skills you actually have. As a graduate from a vocational training or career education program, employers are also interested in your knowledge, abilities, work ethic and attitude.

You can showcase these behaviors in the job interview whether you learned them in school or in a personal life experience.

For example:
Let's say you have completed a hospitality or culinary career program, which included some hands on training, but you have not worked in a restaurant. You might be able to talk about your experience catering events for your church, community organization or for family events.

Before your job interview, make a list of the top competencies that employers in your field want from new employees. You can get this information two ways:
1. From the career placement office staff at school
2. Use O*Net Online to find culinary professions

Once you have the list, think about a personal experience you have had that could demonstrate each of these competencies and remember that experiences do not have to be paid!


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