Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Attention College Students! Tis the Season to Apply for Holiday Jobs

With 9.1% unemployment rate, we are in a tough job market for sure. It may be harder this year for college students to find holiday jobs especially since there are laid off workers also job seeking. With slumping retail sales, there are definitely less part-time jobs to go around. Additionally, a tightening credit market means that some students who are self funding their education, have more bills to pay.

The job market this past summer was also tough for college students looking for part time jobs and internships. The News-Record published some job search tips from BullsEyeResumes to help students get hired this past summer. I thought it would be a good time to modify these tips slightly for use this holiday season.

* Dress for success. Put away the baggy pants and novelty T-shirts. Dress neatly, and check your attire ahead of time to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Neither torn nor tight clothing will impress the hiring manager.

* Get to your interview early. The best way to not get hired is to show up late for the job interview. Remember that first impressions count.

* Be polite and friendly to everyone you meet at the work site, not just the interviewer. These people will be your colleagues if you get the job.

* Speak up, speak clearly and look the interviewer in the eye. This is a conversation, so have your own questions ready: What are the hours? When would I start? What’s the training like? What do you like best about working here?

* Bring a written list of names and contact information for personal references when you complete your job application.

* Bring an updated copy of your resume. (College Sample Resumes)

When you do land a job this holiday season, be sure to make a good impression. You may want to return to the same company next year. You might want to read this article before you start your holiday job - Internship Behavior you May Live to Regret!

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