Monday, October 10, 2011

Working the Recruiters' Last Nerve

This is not what you want to do if you are aiming for success in the job search. 

Sure, you are trying hard to find a job in a tough market and in some cases you are probably desperate for work.  The last thing you want to do however, is annoy the recruiter or HR professional who is really on your side.

This article in the Wall Street Journal gives some good tips on how to connect with recruiters in your industry niche, without getting gimmicky.  My favorite tip in the article?  Do not launch into a sales pitch about yourself, the minute you meet with a recruiter or headhunter.  You may actually be talking yourself out of a job. 

Another key to working with recruiters is to maintain contact with them while you are employed. You could actually become a source of business leads for them.  They will remember you when you have to call on them later.  Don't forget that networking principle - Givers Gain!

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