Monday, January 12, 2009

Bookmark These Websites to do Company Research

Congratulations if you are in the Class of 2009 and have your plans already in place as a new grad!

If plans are not in place for life beyond graduation, all is not lost. However, graduation will be here soon and new grads need to start on an aggressive job search right away.

Whether you are graduating high school, vocational training, career education program or a 2-4 year college, you will enter a very, very tight job market with 7.2% unemployment rate.

Set yourself apart in the job search by improving your ability to research companies.

Recruiters continue to say jobseekers shoot themselves in the foot in the job interview, when it shows that they haven't researched the company.

Start company research this semester by book marking these FREE resources to help you learn more about potential employers.

Yahoo Finance
D & B Million Dollar Directory (A free trial gets you information on the top 1800 companies in this list)
Fortune Magazine
Wall Street Journal

Here is what you are looking for when you do your company research:
-Correct name and age of the company
-Product lines and services
-Parent or subsidiary companies
-Financial overview of the company (public, private, stock price etc)
-History (relevant, recent)
-Career paths and related divisions
-Visit their employment page

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