Saturday, January 10, 2009

Get Your Business Off and Running - Rejuvenate your Affiliations

2. "Rejuvenate" your affiliations.
Your goal is to connect with people who want to support, help and advise you as you work to establish and grow your business. Although you want to affiliate with others who are in similar stages of startup and are trying to build their own businesses, you also want to connect with already successful business owners from whom you can learn.

Find new alliances by joining professional and civic organizations and seek out successful people you want to model.

Locate organizations in your own community where other entrepreneurs get together and support each other--your local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start. These affiliations can not only lead to advice and networking connections, but could be a great source of potential clients.


Robyn McMaster said...

We learn so much from others who are successful!

Another great idea is to join Rotary International. Not only do you network with amazing business leaders, you can take leadership roles at some point, and help in community service projects.

Marcia Robinson said...

Great suggestion Robyn. Definitely an example of an organization that offers opportunity for great affiliations and meaningful contributions.