Monday, January 5, 2009

Interview Tips From an Interview Expert

Mary Warren from PSI Careers shared some job interview advice with the PROPEL Networking Group in Portland Maine.

PROPEL is a networking group for young professionals sponsored by the Portland Chamber of Commerce.

Warren's piece was a follow up on previous articles offering interview advice. The following job interview tips were offered to help job seekers develop great questions to ask the hiring manager in the job interview.

- Ask why the position is open.
The position could be new and this question will help you find out more about what is expected. If the position is open because it was vacated, ask what the hiring manager would like to see done differently, if anything, from the new hire.

- Ask about objectives and accomplishments expected from this role
- Ask about how performance will be measured once you are hired.
- Ask about the company culture. Of course you should have done your research and already have information on company culture. This might be a good time to get answers about company values which may be important to you.
- Always ask about the next step in the selection process and what to expect next in the job interview process.

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