Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Employers Want in New College Grads shared the results of this year's survey on what employers look at when hiring new college graduates. Read the complete survey here.

-college major (44%)
-interviewing skills (18%)
-internship/experience (17%)
-the college from which the student graduated from (10%)
-other miscellaneous qualifications (5%)
-student's GPA (4%)
-personal appearance (1%)
-computer skills (1%)

Did anything surprise you here?

Aside from having the right college major, employers expressed that it was important for job seekers to set themselves apart from other graduates in the same major.

Steven Jungman, Division Manager for ChaseSource says, "The war for talent still exists, but hiring managers are going to be more picky about who they hire. Anything that a job seeker can do to set themselves apart from the crowd will be a benefit."

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Evelyn said...

This is good information for students. Wish they could have told me all of this before I graduated.