Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why New Grads Get Overlooked for Promotions

If you are a new grad or in the Class of 2009, it is not too early to start thinking about how to succeed at work and get promoted., the online job board, recently drafted this list of 10 reasons why employees might not be promoted at work.

Save this list -- your phone, your iPod -- doesn't matter, keep it accessible.

1. You're not up to the job (or to put it crudely, you're a slacker).
2. You're stingy on your level of commitment. Just doing "fine" or "acceptable" work will not take you up the ladder.
3. You are not visible enough to the people who have the power to promote you.
4. You're difficult to deal with. Moving up the ladder will entail managing people. You are difficult to deal with.
5. You haven't yet mastered the job you're in and you already want to move higher...
6. You're just too good at what you're doing and there's nobody to replace you.
7. You're not presentable.
8. You have enemies.
9. You are competing with "superstars," meaning that the competition may be too fierce for you.
10. Your employer is not in a position to promote you due to factors unrelated to you or your performance (tight budget or low turnover).

I would add an 11th and 12th reasons for you to think about:

11. You don't know what you really want out of a career
12. You don't have a mentor who is lobbying on your behalf.

Source - Why You're Not Getting Promoted, CNN/ CareerBuilder

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