Friday, January 16, 2009

Your First Year on the Job After Graduation

Whether it's your first professional full time or part time position it is important to begin your career on the right foot.

In a tight job market, competition will be fierce to get your dream early career opportunity. Once you land your first job after graduation, keep in mind that the competition does not go away. It is still up to you, to be impressive.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for your first year on the job:

- Be dependable
- Establish your goals with your supervisor
- Make sure your supervisor is aware of your progress
- Ask questions. Better yet, know who to ask questions
- Become familiar with the corporate culture - quickly!
- Work on your interpersonal skills. New college graduates should keep in mind that unlike in the classroom, where you meet a new group of students every semester, you now may have to build longer working relationships.
- Improve your writing and speaking skills
- Get to know your job really well, quickly. Do the research, burn the midnight oil - but find a way to become indispensible.
- Be confident and remain visible. Do not be afraid to volunteer.


Evelyn said...

New grads need to take this to heart. Landing the job is just the first piece.

Marcia Robinson said...

You are so right. Many new grads need to heed this lesson. They should know that their first year on the job after graduation is crucial.