Thursday, August 27, 2009

50 (Still) Hot Resume Writing Tips!

I've been looking at a lot of resumes and wanted to repost this list for readers who want to do their own quick resume audit.

Does your current resume need a facelift?

These 50 hot resume writing tips can give your resumes a needed facelift if you have a resume that is not working for you.

Use these hot 50 resume writing tips to help proofread a resume... regardless of who does the resume writing.

-Proofread resumes for grammar, spelling and factual errors
-Use consistent font size. Watch bullet sizes
-Limit or avoid graphics when writing a resume
-Use upper case letters sparingly and only when appropriate
-Fancy, expensive resume writing paper is not always a priority
-Using bullets will make resumes easier to read
-Do not use “responsibilities”, “responsibilities include” and “duties include”
-Volunteer work and community service enhances a resume
-Adjust margins if the resume is slightly too long
-Avoid personal pronouns like “I”, “my” and “me” except in the objective statement
-Do not list complete addresses of past employers
-Do not include names of references on the resume. Add a separate reference document.
-Keep in mind that the top 30-40% of the resume gets the most attention
-Use an ASCII font
-Use page numbers if the resume is more than one page
-Add name and contact to all pages if more than one page
-Try a resume blaster service
-Printing out an online profile is not the same as having a resume
-Use tables to align columns and remove lines
-Use a professional email address on your resume
-Hyperlink your email address
-Do not place information above your name
-Set resume margins no smaller than .5
-New grads and career changers should put education close to top of resume
-With years of experience, move education to the bottom of the resume
-A resume has about 30 seconds to make an impression on the recruiter
-Make it easy to read
-Change the resume objective statement as needed -Write a strong "Summary of Qualifications" -Use industry “buzz words” or keywords on a resume
-Resumes must identify specific successful outcomes
-Use $, % and # to demonstrate achievements
-One specific phrase to try and avoid – Entry Level
-Do not use one word resume objectives eg "Sales"
-Research advantages of the Chronological Resume vs Functional resume
-Be consistent with date formats on the resume eg 09/02, Sep 02, Sep 2002
-Consider the Combination resume
-Get others to proof read your resume – be open to criticism
-It is not necessary to include every job you have ever had
-Keep all resume content relevant
-Not all online resume writing services are equally capable
-Always keep a resume writing guide on your desk for quick reference
-Resumes, reference sheets, cover letters and thank-you letters can have the same letter head format
-Try to bring quality resume paper for interviews
-Do not include social security numbers; federal resumes may require it
-Use Action Verbs on the resume to describe accomplishments
-Use short paragraphs. 3-5 sentences maximum
-White space on a resume is not a bad thing
-Make sure resume contact information is current. The recruiter must be able to contactyou.
-Consider working with a professional resume writer for a free resume critique

More free resume writing tips and free sample resumes available at Resume/Interview FAQs


Jane | Dubai Jobs said...

CV acts as a first point of contact. After viewing the CV only the recruiter has a some idea or picture about the candidate abilities. If the CV is perfect there are less chances of the recruiter asking many questions. During his personal interview his communication skills are tested. Candidate must always be confident to market him in this competitive market.

Marcia Robinson said...


The CV is just the first point of contact. You are right. Many think it is the entire job search and that would be a mistake.

Myka | Recruitment Agencies said...

I agree that all the content in the CV should be grammatically perfect and also should be formatted accurately.

Anonymous said...

A good post on “Hot Resume Writing Tips!".An important point is a resume and cover letter should be the marketing tools that help candidate to land the position that is perfect for him.


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UK Careers said...

Very helpful hints. I had a business and now looking for a job in this bad economy. Found a job listing for a job I would really like to get close to home and that I have skill for. Your tips were very helpful.

chris klinton said...

CV is nothing but a you.Best CV is very necessary when you search a job. And for that exact format is essential and that tips will definitely help you for it.

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Customize said...

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cv said...

Dude , this took me almost 1 hour to update my resume using these tips..the resume looks great now..million thanks! Appreciate your efforts

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pasha said...

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