Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Stand out in a Crowded Job Market

Job search strategy guest post from Adrienne Carlson for BullsEyeCareer readers on how to stand out in a crowded job market.

It’s a tough time if you’re out of a job and are having a hard time finding another one, because there are fewer opportunities and more people fighting for the ones that do exist. So unless you’re capable of standing out in a crowd, you’re going to get swept away by the deluge of jobless people all battling for the limited positions that are available. And how do you go about doing that?

· Showcasing your value to the company:
Instead of just sending out your resume, send out an email that showcases your talents and states how you plan to add value to the company if hired. Speak of what you hope to achieve rather than what you have already achieved so far. When your approach is focused on the company rather than on yourself, you differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd of other resumes that flood the recruitment section of the human resources department in any company.

· Positioning yourself differently:
Instead of using run-of-the-mill phrases and regular jargon to express your value, state why you want this job and why you will bring more value to it than anyone else who has applied for the position. When you position yourself differently and prove that you know what the job entails and how you plan to be useful to the company, employers tend to be interested in knowing more about you.

·Putting your money where your mouth is:
They say that actions speak louder than words, and this is why you must have a proven track record at your old places of work when applying for a new job. If you’re known as a performer and someone who is not afraid of hard work, most employers are willing to snap you up in no time.

·Knowing how to ace the interview:
While your resume and impact letter are the initial keys that get you into the foyer, it’s the interview that really decides if you make it into that elite inner circle or not. So make the best of it by impressing your employers at your first meeting for you may not get a second chance if you goof up initially. When you’re confident without appearing over confident, when you’re capable without appearing to be a know-it-all, and when you’re disciplined without being too rigid, you’re a gem that employers don’t want to let slip between their fingers.

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