Sunday, January 23, 2011

10 Most Asked LinkedIn Questions

If you are not yet connecting with fellow professionals on LinkedIn, it is time that you start.  My colleague, Jackie Cameron, owner of Cameron Consulting, developed this list of the top 10 most asked questions about LinkedIn. 

Jackie answers the following 10 questions and gives really practical advice on how to use LinkedIn to stay connected.  If you have any of these questions yourself Jackie's answers can help you take that next step.

1. Why bother?
2. How do you decide who to connect with?
3. What if you get an invitation to connect and you don’t want to?
4. How can I get introduced to someone I really want to connect with?
5. What’s the point of an update?
6. Why would I give a recommendation?
7. What should I include in my profile?
8. Do I really need a picture?
9. Why would I bother putting up a book list?
10. How much time will it take?

Whether you decide to connect with folks on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site, keep in mind that the online footprint you develop will become a part of your professional persona.  Stay positive online.


syeds said...

Your blog is awesome, great job. I really enjoyed reading it, it wasn't like all the other stuff which hurts to read.

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Marianna said...

Social media is so accessible (and sometimes "excessible") that people forget that what happens in social media, stays in social media.

Emotional management is a necessary tool when using this medium. Although, it's not on the tool bar, it is within.

Marcia said...

Hey Marianna,

Long time no talk!! You are so right about the importance of emotional management when using social media. Too many examples of social media users going awry.