Wednesday, January 25, 2012

12 Things Skilled Hourly Jobseekers Need to Know about a Company

I was working with a skilled hourly jobseeker whose  job ends in March.  The supermarket chain where this jobseeker worked for eight years has been sold to a competitor and his location is one of the three to be closed by the new owners.  I encouraged him to get started on a new job search right away, especially with a completely new chain of supermarkets, opening this spring a few miles away.

In conversation with this skilled hourly jobseeker, I asked what he knew about the new chain that was coming to town.  He knew their name and where two other locations had opened up.  That was about it.

Here are a few of the things we discussed that skilled hourly jobseekers really need to research about the company in preparation for a job interview. He seemed surprised at first, but understood how this information could help him in a job interview.  Lack of company research is a challenge for skilled hourly jobseekers.  Many times they don't know the research is important or how to do it.  The company website is a place to start.

1. How big or small is the company?
2. Are there unions in place at the company and how will that affect your employment?
3. How might employees get promoted?
4. Will you get the opportunity to gain new skills?
5. Are there other locations?
6. Try to get a sense of why the company successful?
7. What kind of reputation does the company have in the industry?
8. Are there seasonal influences on the job?
9. What are the career growth paths within the company?
10. Are uniforms required and will they be provided?
11. What kind of safety record does the company have?
12. Any complaints out there on the internet about the company.

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