Friday, January 27, 2012

5 Job Search Skills for New Vo-Tech Grads

Many Vo-Tech programs do a really phenomenal job of preparing students in the classroom for their new jobs after vocational training program.  Although many Vo-Tech schools also provide career and job search assistance, many Vo-Tech grads really don't master the job search skills they need to sell themselves.  A successful job search strategy for new Vo-Tech grads should focus on these 5 job search skills if they want to launch a successful career.  

Job search skill # 1 for new Vo-Tech grads - Be honest with yourself
Without the ability to honestly evaluate your values, interests, skills and abilities the job search for a new Vo-Tech graduate might be very frustrating.  Just as you evaluated your interests to find the right Vo-Tech program or career training program, you also have to evaluate your likes and dislikes to find the right job.

Job search skill # 2 for new Vo-Tech grads - Networking skills
With Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts, some Vo-Tech students think they have all the skills they need to network.  However, Vo-Tech grads should know they have to get up from behind the computer as well to network with people who can help them find jobs.

Job search skill # 3 for new Vo-Tech grads - Writing skills
Unfortunately some Vo-Tech programs do not stress writing skills and some Vo-Tech graduates don't have the necessary writing skills to succeed in a job search.  Vo-Tech new grads should get help from career advisers with resume writing, cover letters and thank you letters.  Sample Vocational Resumes

Job search skill # 4 for new Vo-Tech grads - Job interviewing skills
Vo-Tech grads can rely on career advisers to help them get job interviews.  However, during the job interview it is the responsibility of the Vo-Tech grad to land the job.  Ask for help with mock interviews on campus.  Check out the Interview FAQs here for students and grads in Vo-Tech programs.

Job search skill # 5 for new Vo-Tech grads - How to evaluate a job offer
Vo-tech grads should know how to evaluate a job offer.  Many Vo-Tech grads who do well in school can have multiple job offers from different employers.  Evaluating a job offer includes looking at career benefits such as training and professional advancement.  There are non-career benefits to consider as well such as schedule and commute.

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