Saturday, January 5, 2008

Career Placement at Your School - Can They Help?

If you are enrolled in a vocational training program, your school probably has a career placement office. Do not let that name fool you, however, since no one can actually “place” you in a job.

They can, however, help get your foot in the door by doing the following things to support your job search:

1. Develop strong relationships with employers
2. Secure job leads
3. Post job leads for students
4. Assist you to create a stronger resume
5. Help with interview practice and preparation
6. Coach you on general job search etiquette
7. Host employers for on-campus interviews
8. Provide faculty and administration with feedback about training demanded by industry

Despite all they do, YOU ultimately will be in the interview by YOURSELF and you must sell your skills to employers.

A proactive student in a career training or vocational training program must take responsibility for his/her own job search.

Keep in mind also that you will have to conduct a successful job search many times throughout your career. Gaining the skills to do it successfully is critical to your long term professional success.

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