Saturday, March 8, 2008

US Economy Loses 63000 Jobs in February

Some experts continue to say that the US economy is not yet in a recession, but may be approaching one. The 63,000 workers whose jobs were shed in February 2008, might disagree and think the recession is already here.

Some sectors already hard hit with layoffs include real estate, automotive, construction and banking.

This latest report on job losses for February reflects the largest drop in the last five years since May and June 2003.

As you take in this news of a tightening economy, your stress level might be increasing a bit. Your goal at this time should be to keep being productive at work and continue to scan your work environment for how you can help your company maintain a healthy bottom line:

Here are some suggestions:
1. Keep thinking about creative solutions to possibly lower costs
2. Explore ways to help your company find new clients
3. Go the extra mile with existing customers to keep them happy
4. Be responsive to your vendors
5. Look for collaborative opportunities inside your company

As you think about ways to help your company, think also about ways to help yourself:
1. Plan and evaluate your plans periodically
2. Look around the internet for free online resume help to prepare your marketing documents.
3. Rejuvenate your networks and keep in touch with others. Offer help where you can.
4. Keep an eye on employers in your industry or related industries that are growing or hiring despite the slowdown.
5. Start updating your Kudos Folder.

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