Friday, July 18, 2008

Dealing with Rejection in the Job Search

If you have been working hard on finding a new career and it just doesn't seem to be happening for you, take a few tips from Karen Burns at Working Girl blog. Karen has an amazing ability to sum things up in a funny, down to earth, yet meaningful way.

My faves in the list?

1. Pout
2. Vent
3. Sweat

Read Karen's entire list of tips to deal with rejection here!


almostgotit said...

Well, you *are* reading some of the the best bloggers, if I do also say so myself! ;)

This was a particularly nice post of Working Girl's, I do heartily agree!

Marcie said...

I am pretty new to blogging and learning an awful lot from masters like you.

Thanks for checking in.


Working Girl said...

Hmmm, so those are your favorite three, huh? Funny, pouting and venting are always first on my list too!

Thanks for the link. And--congratulations. This is a great site!