Monday, November 23, 2009

November was National Career Development Month

I am very, very late with my blogs this month. Not typical of me, but took on a new full time assignment and had a little bit of a settling-in routine. Not to worry, I feel I am in my zone now and ready to be productive.

In the meantime, November, the National Career Development Month, has just about come and gone. Before you know it, we will be looking at the 2010 Franklin Covey new year's resolution list.

Even though November is almost over, I wanted to remind you of the 30 assignments I usually share this time of year that, if used, could help every professional improve their career satisfaction.

Here they are again, with an accompanying blog post for each:

Here they are again:
Day 1 - Career Change Requires a Positive Attitude
Day 2 - Analyze Your Job
Day 3 - Evaluate Your Skills
Day 4 - Grab a Career Book
Day 5 - Focus on Training
Day 6 - Start Reading Career Blogs and Articles
Day 7 - Start a Career Journal
Day 8 - Start Working on a Career Portfolio
Day 9 - Get a Handle on Workplace Stress
Day 10 - Join Your Alumni Association
Day 11 - What's in Your Personnel File?
Day 12 - Enhance Technical Skills at Work
Day 13 - Thinking About Starting a Business
Day 14 - Join a Professional Association
Day 15 - Rejuvenate Your Contacts
Day 16 - Volunteer!
Day 17 - Create a Kudos Folder
Day 18 - Research Upcoming Job Fairs
Day 19 - Update Your Resume and CV
Day 20 - Explore Career Assessments
Day 21 - Job+Holiday=Stress; Get Some Perspective this Season
Day 22 - Look for Work Life Balance
Day 23 - Are career Myths Holding you Back?
Day 24 - Share your Resume and get Feedback
Day 25 - Learn About Informational Interviews
Day 26 - Identify 2-3 Career Options
Day 27 - Identify Gaps in Skills and Competencies
Day 28 - Register with 3 Employment Websites
Day 29 - Put Your References on Notices
Day 30 - Spend Time with a Career Coach


Training Career said...

Nice post, the cartoon presented here is very good.

Kingsley Tagbo, IT Career Coach said...

This is an excellent to-do list for anyone wanting to take their career to the next level in 2010. Many focus on the job hunt without pausing to re-evaluate where their skills are. Training is key.

Marcia Robinson said...

Training - Glad you like the cartoon. I thought is hit the spot as well.


Marcia Robinson said...

Hi Kingsley,

You are right about many people not doing the required introspection. No time like the end of another year for reflection.


career advice said...

Very interesting topic and awesome presentation through cartoon.