Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gulf High School Career Resource Center

Every few months I feature an active career center on a high school campus. This month we wanted to celebrate the work of Ms. Trapp at Gulf High School in Florida.

Ms. Trapp has ran this center for 14 years. This career center serves students by doing the following:

-College information sessions
-College field trips
-Hosting military recruiters
-Career center to research careers, colleges and life beyond high school
-Help with financial aid for college
-Computers to sign up for SAT or ACT
-Community service sign-ups
-Completing job and college applications
-Access the online service

The Gulf High School career resource center is open before school, at lunch and after school until 3 p.m. High school students can also make an appointment to see Mrs. Trapp.

Faith Based Job Networks

If you are still looking for a summer internship or a new career position, consider using online faith based job networks like The Christian Job Network or Catholic Jobs.

Christian Job Network.
Manager in Training - 454 - Family Christian Stores - Frisco, TX - Apr 30, 2008
SQL Database Administrator - Production Support - Habitat for Humanity International - Americus, GA - Apr 30, 2008
Video Editor Wanted for Christian TV Show, US - Apr 30, 2008

Catholic Jobs
Case Manager Archdiocese of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)
Music Director St. Mary Church (Williamston, MI)
Engineer Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno (Fresno, CA)
Religion Teacher/Department Chair Connelly School of the Holy Child (Potomac, MD)

Which Resume Format Works Best?

The three types of resume formats widely acceptable are:

1. Chronological Resumes - Written with a reverse timeline where more recent items come first.
2. Functional Resumes - Written with emphasis on categorizing career experience in broad functional areas.
3. Combination of chronological and functional styles in one document.

Despite what you may hear from professional resume writers, there is no one right way to write a resume. These resume writing tips to help select the best resume format come from Peter Newfield, resume writer at Career-Resumes.

~~You are targeting a job that is a step up the ladder from your current position and you have at least three years experience in the field. Use a chronological resume.

~~You are targeting a job or career that is a lateral move and you have at least three years experience in the field. Use a chronological resume.

~~You are targeting a position in a different but somewhat related field where you would use skills that you have used in your current job. Use a combination resume.

~~You have a long, progressive career history in the same field and are targeting a lateral or upward career move. Use a chronological resume.

~~You are targeting a position in the same field but with significantly different required skills and job description. Use a combination resume.

~~You are military separating from the service and targeting a civilian job. Use a combination format.

~~You are in a technical field where you have used many different technologies, been involved in many projects, and have a broad array of skills. You are targeting a similar position or moving up. Use a combination format.

~~You have significant hurdles in your employment history such as large gaps, significant job hopping, or legal troubles and are targeting a position in your field. Use a functional format.

~~You are changing fields completely and your prior work history has no relevance to your new career (e.g. moving from computer programmer to chef). Use a functional format.

The Rich and Famous Go Back to Work Too!

Even the rich and famous have to go back to work after having children.

Certainly, many don't have some of the same issues that other working mothers face such as cost of living or availability of quality childcare.

However, many of the issues of separation anxiety and maternal guilt are the same.

After all, famous folks like Halle Berry and Julia Roberts have careers too and want to return to work for many of the same reasons many of us do.

Here's more about them. Keep in mind that lessons can be learned everywhere!

-New Mom Halle Berry Heads Back to Work
-Julia Roberts is going back to work for the first time since becoming a mother.
-Celebrity Moms Blog

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not Your Father's Vo-Tech! Pennsylvania Vo-Techs Redefining Themselves

VoTech education in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania is changing per an article in Morning Call.

The article states, "No longer just a stopping point for students destined to become carpenters, beauticians or mechanics, area vo-techs are now tailoring courses and curricula to help students land high-paying white-collar jobs in fields such as architecture, Web design and health care".

Example of one student who will benefit?

Tara VanDenEynde is 18 years old and spends half of her day at the Lehigh Career & Technical Institute in the school's dental lab. Her anticipated salary as a Dental Hygienist after completion of her Associates? $55K.

How is Tara different from VoTech students in years gone by? She is an honors student at Northwestern Lehigh High School.

Emma Ratz is enrolled at Lehigh in the Commercial Photography program. "Almost everything about this school, a student had a part in...I love this school. If feel like I have a family here".

If you or someone you know is exploring vocational training and careers, take another look at VoTech education and how it is evolving to meet the needs of students and communities. Read Resume/Interview FAQs for Vocational students and grads at BullsEyeResumes. Check out the BullsEyeResumes-Vocational blog.

If you are a Pennsylvania resident, subscribe to Pennsylvania At Work!

Earn More Than a Paycheck This Summer

Build your high school resume or college resume and earn more than a paycheck this summer.

Did you know that you can learn work skills and life skills through summer jobs like this one at the Oregon Gardens?

For almost 10 weeks in Summer 2007, 12 low income teenagers learned leadership skills, workplace responsibility and how to work with others by working with Oregon Gardens.

The program is sponsored through an Oregon Youth Conservation Corps and Workforce Investment Act grants.

The Oregon Garden's horticulture manager Jill Martini said that for most teens this was their first job. The program is now five years old and pays the teens through $22,000 in grants.

Do some research in your own community to find organizations that offer programs like this which will give teen workers more than just a paycheck.

Helicopter Parents in the Job Interview

If you are under 18, I think it is a good idea for an adult to accompany you to the job interview .

Of course they will not be allowed into the actualinterview room, but parents can come into the building, meet the job interviewer and at least see where you will work.

When my teenagers looked for their first part time jobs, I went with them. In fact when my 15 year old teenage daughter wanted to work in a local health food store where we shopped, I went with her to pick up the job application and for the interview. She applied to work in the store and at the cash register. However, the day we went for the job interview, we discovered they had a fulfillment warehouse in the basement and that was where she would be employed.

Although a well reputed company, we both became very uncomfortable with the long dark aisles in the storeroom where she would have to pull merchandise. The shelves were easily 8 feet tall which meant she might be on ladders to pull inventory. Additionally, there were a lot of adults working there and so, even though it met the standards set by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it did not meet mine.
The Hiring Manager saw my discomfort and was anxious to let me know it was a safe environment. My daughter did accept a part time job there.

Adults should accompany teens on their first few part time job searches and help to objectively survey the work environment.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Get Your Entreprenurship Juices Flowing

If you are going back to work and thinking about business ownership, you might be interested in this article, I wrote a few years ago which was published at - Get Your Business Off the Starting Block.

Here are 10 ways to get your startup in shape and off to a great start in the race for entrepreneurial success.

During-The-Job-Interview-Tips posts the following list of during-the-interview tips. Many of these interview tips are just the details that will cause many college students to falter in the interview.

Might be a good idea to have the list to read or scan just before you go into the interview.

-Greet your interviewer, and everyone else you meet on site, with a firm handshake and say hello. Use Mr., Ms. or Mrs. (unless the interviewer asks you to use their first name)

-It is polite to sit when you are asked to or after the interviewer sits

-Relax and listen carefully

-If you don’t understand the question, let interviewer know you don’t understand the question and ask if they can rephrase the question

-Look at the interviewer and smile once in a while (don’t look down or away)

-Don’t just say “yes” and “no” or “I guess” when you are asked questions

-Give short (I prefer to use the word concise) explanations, examples and mention your accomplishments. (Learn about a Kudos Folder)

-Don’t memorize your answers (You may sound robotic and not real)

-During an interview, talk about your skills, abilities, education fit the job requirements

-Don’t swing your leg, tap your fingers or other nervous movements

-Keep your arms comfortably on the chair or on your lap but don’t folder your arms in front of you

-Don’t smoke, chew gum, eat, or drink during the interview. (Unless interviewing over a meal)

-Use good grammar and speak clearly

-Don’t bring friends, children, boyfriend or relatives to the interview

-Be truthful, enthusiastic and but don’t appear desperate

-Don’t avoid questions, be direct and answer them

-Don’t talk about personal life and problems (don't talk badly about prior jobs either)

-Show your willingness to learn and be flexible

-Don’t ask about the salary and benefits until interviewer brings it up

-Interviewer may ask you if you have any questions so ask a few good questions

-Ask for the job! When the interview ends, let the employer know you definitely want the job and you hope you are selected

-Ask when you can follow-up

-Thank the interviewer for their time and firmly shake his/her hand

Most importantly - Stay positive!
After the interview make notes on what you did well and how you could have improved. Read more about College Resume & Interview FAQs in preparation for your interview.

Start a Business This Summer

Did you ever think of owning your own business? Teenagers and college students do it all the time.

Many of these young entrepreneurs are very inspiring and reading their stories could give you the courage you need to run a successful small business.

Here are some great websites to find out more about how you can become a successful "teenpreneur" too or start a business this summer.

1. Junior Achievements
Great resource created through a partnership between educators and businesses. Read bios of successful teen entrepreneurs, watch videos and find Junior Achievement offices near you.

2. US Small Business Administration - Teen Link
Use checklists to find out if your business ideas are solid and will work. Learn more about managing the financial and legal aspects of a business and find a terrific list of resources they call "Business Buddies".

3. Young Entrepreneurs of America
A non profit organization established to help young entrepreneurs make their ideas a reality.

4. Teen Entrepreneurial Network
T.E.N.'s mission is to help teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 with with their preparation for the business world after they graduate from High School and College.

Read more about the personal character traits of successful entrepreneurs. Start your research now and spend your summer growing your client list.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Graduating High School in California

If you are graduating high school in California and have questions, you can get answers from the California Department of Education.

Here are some of the questions you can get answers to through this online service:

- I would like to graduate early. How do I do that?
- How do I obtain a copy of my General Education Development (GED) results?
- Do I have to pass Algebra I to graduate?
- How do I obtain a copy of my California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) results?

Check your local state information to see if they have a similar of list FAQs for students graduating from high school.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Occupations With Declining Employment

The recent buyouts at General Motors, Delphi Corporation or Ford caught some people off guard. (Read about Surviving a Layoff in the Auto Industry)

Of course they say hindsight is 20/20 so many people are now looking backwards and realizing that the writing has been on the wall for a long time.

What lessons can we all learn from this latest round of buyouts in the automotive industry?

1. We must be constantly scanning the internal and external company environment to see what is happening in our industry.
2. Look not only at your company, but at other companies in your industry.
3. Pay attention to what is happening with your company's vendors and customers as well.
4. Read national and regional reports on growing or declining occupations.

One such sign of future trends is the Bureau of Labor Statistics' list of the top 50 Occupations with Declining Employment. These are the occupations that are projected to have the largest decline in employment in the US during the 2006-2016 time period.

Many times we don't pay attention to this kind of informaton because we want to stay positive and sometimes fear the alternatives we might be forced to explore. It is important that we all take responsibility for our own careers and own career choices and start looking at some options.

If you are in one of these declining occupations it is a good time to:

- dust off your resume and brush up on interview preparation
- consider changing careers
- pick up new responsibilities at work
- learn new skills in a different area at work
- go back to school and sign up for a vocational program
- become a go-to expert in your field or your company
- relocate to another state where your skills may be more in demand

The Top 10 declining occupations from the list are listed below. You may not recognize most of these jobs, but you sure will recognize some of those in the Top 50 list. ACINET will not only tell you what these jobs are, but will give you specific details for job projections in your specific state.

1 Photographic processing machine operators
2 File clerks
3 Wood model makers
4 Wood Patternmakers
5 Telephone operators
6 Photographic process workers
7 Shoe machine operators and tenders
8 Textile knitting and weaving machine setters, operators, and tenders
9 Coil winders, tapers, and finishers
10 Forging machine setters, operators, and tenders, metal and plastic

250 Best Jobs Through Apprenticeships

Michael Farr and Dr. Laurence Shatkin have written a new comprehensive resource that lists all 876 apprenticeships that are registered with the U.S. Department of Labor. The text not only explains how to become an apprentice, where the opportunities are, what the requirements are but examines the pros and cons of apprenticeships.

You can find new and used copies on-line costing anywhere from $10.00 to about $25.

Jist Publishing is a great source for books and resources on career planning.

International Mothers-Return-To-Work Symposium

If you were thinking that only women in America return to work after a long absence think again. Carol Fishman Cohen, co-author of "Back on the Career Track" and co-founder of career reentry program iRelaunch, was invited by the US Embassy to Toyko, Japan and South Korea to speak.

Cohen spoke to academics, employers and media in the recent symposium called "Creating a Second Chance for Women: Helping Mothers Get Back to Work".

One goal of the conference was to change employer mindset in Asia about hiring mothers who have taken a career break for family reasons. Cohen spoke to the 7-Steps to Relaunch Success.

Download your FREE copy of 7-Steps to Relaunch Success today.

BullsEyeResumes has been helping career reentry professionals with online resume writing services since 2001! Feel free to connect with us if you need help.

Read the 30-Days-To-Career-Satisfaction in the BullsEyeResumes blog for National Career Development Month in 2007.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Check out - "The High School Graduate"

The High School Graduate is an awesome resource for graduating high school students who need help finding education resources, such as information about:

-careers and career training programs
-applying to colleges and universities
-community colleges and junior colleges
-contacting military recruiters in the armed forces and ROTC programs
-obtaining scholarships and financial aid
-evaluating vocational schools
-choosing a degree or career path
-issues relating to higher (post-secondary) education

If you live in one of the following locations you can find specific details that will help your transition from high school to college:
— Atlanta
— Baltimore / DC Metro
— Boston
— Chicago / Cook County
— Cincinnati / Dayton
— Dallas / Fort Worth
— Detroit
— Indianapolis
— N.E. Ohio
— N.E. New Jersey
PhiladelphiaPittsburgh / Allegheny County

Last Minute Tips for Applying to College

Let's face it, not all graduating seniors who are going to college this fall have completed college applications already.

Here are some last minute tips from eCampustours to proofread your application.

1. Is it neat?
2. Did you read all the directions?
3. Is the information clear and concise?
4. Did you focus on accomplishments/extracurricular activities?
5. Did you make it unique?
6. Did you read and edit your essay a few times?
7. Did you answer all of the questions?
8. Have you caught any mistakes?
9. Did you sign and date the application?
10. Have your parents signed the application, if you are under 18?
11. Have you included the application fee?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dale Carnegie Interview 101

Who hasn't heard of Dale Carnegie, self help expert and author of "How to Win Friends and Influence People". The Carnegie Training Institute offers free copies of a Interview 101 here.

Download a free copy and read Interview FAQs for Career Reentry professionals.

Graduated and Still No Job?

If you graduate soon from a vocational training program it is time to take stock of where you might be going wrong.

Here are some resources to help you get on track quickly.

- Day 1 - Positive Attitude is Important
- Resume FAQs and Interview FAQs for vocational students.
- Graduation and Still No Job
- Nearing Graduation and Still No Job - Now What?
- No job? Join the Peace Corps
- Don't Panic if You Don't Have a Job by Graduation
- Tips on Getting a Job After Graduation

Bear Stearns Rescinds Job Offers to Class of 2008

More than 10 upcoming graduates from New York University had their job offers from Bear Stearns rescinded in April after the much publicized meltdown of the 85 year old company.

Business Week reports that "students with offers in some units such as asset management, commodities, prime brokerage, and portions of fixed income and sales—areas that JP Morgan wants to strengthen—will likely get to stay on with the company".

What do you do when a company pulls back a job offer?

1. Continue to be professional with all your communications with the company.
2. Ask if the recruiters can make a recommendation or offer leads to alternative opportunities.
3. Modify your career focus if your first choice industry is experiencing problems.

Here are a few great articles to help:
- Revoked Job Offer
- Getting Over a Shock Split
- Nine Things You Need to Know About Rescinded Job Offers

Evaluate Career Training Programs Carefully

Reported by: The Dallas Business Journal on 2/15.

The Texas Workforce Commission issued five cease and desist orders to health care career schools in McAllen and the Dallas area.

The schools are:
-The Esther Medical Tutorial & Nursing Review Center in Richardson
-The Vocational Training Education Center in Irving
-Career Advanced Medical Clinic and Training, in Dallas
-Merit Excellence Institute of Carrollton
-IF Tech in McAllen.

The Texas Workforce Commission claims none of the schools have obtained valid licenses or exemptions under the Texas Education Code.

"Students are paying large amounts of money for training, which will not allow them to be eligible to take the NCLEX licensing examination in Texas," said Mary Beth Thomas, director of nursing practice and education with the Texas Board of Nursing, in a release.

The Office of the Attorney General is responsible for enforcing the civil penalties of $1,000 per day per violation in instances when state agencies issue cease and desist orders. The Texas Workforce Commissions' Regulatory Integrity Division issued the orders.

Read more about Resume/Interview FAQs for Vocational students and grads.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Simple Steps For Teen Work Safety

Are you planning to work this summer?

If you are, you should read this article about how to create safe workplace for teens.

Did you know that every year about 70 teens die from work related injuries at work?

Here are to top causes of teen injuries and death at work:

-Unsafe equipment
-Stressful conditions
-Inadequate safety training
-Inadequate supervision
-Dangerous work that is illegal or inappropriate for youth
-Trying to hurry
-Alcohol and drug use

Make sure employers are taking these steps to keep you safe:

1. First line supervisors must stree safety and abide to laws about where teens should work based on their ages. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) prohibits assigning teens to tasks and tools (driving trucks or cars, operating tractors or heavy equipment and using power tools) that have accounted for a large number of injuries.

2. Teenage workers must be appropriately trained and supervised to prevent injuries and/or exposure to hazardous materials.

3. Develop an injury and illness prevention program. Many injuries can be prevented through simple work processes and workflow.

As you plan for work this summer learn about High School Resumes and Interview FAQs.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Stay-at-Home-Moms can stay on the Career Track

Great article on the Twin Cities Public Television, Inc to advise stay-at-home-moms on how to stay on the career track while at home.

Here is their advice for staying on your career track:
- Keep your credentials current and maintain contacts at work
- Let your network of friends, family and acquaintances know you are coming back to year
- Think about how you can translate stay-at-home-mom skills to the modern workplace
- Explore all of your options before you take the plunge

30-Days to Career Satisfaction
Using an Outplacement Service
Start a Career Journal While at Home
Are Career Myths Going to Hold You Back

Good Trades People are Hard to Find

Employment services, Manpower Inc, said in its annual survey of staff shortages, that employers are increasingly "desperate for plumbers, welders and other technical staff".

The survey of just under 45,000 employers in 32 countries shows that employers are feeling the need for qualified trades people. Manpower Inc CEO, Jeff Joerres told Reuters that "we've grown up and others have grown up talking about the knowledge environment and parents encourage their children to go to college to get ahead".

This is actually creating a major void for qualified trades people.

Some other highlights from the 2008 Q2 survey:
- Of the 14,000 employers surveyed, 26% expect to increase their workforces in Q2 of 2008
- Of the 14,000 employers surveyed, 9% expect to reduce staff levels in the same period.
- Employers in the west and mid-west anticipate slower rate of hiring
- 5% of the employers are undecided about their April - June 2008 hiring plans

Read more - Manufacturing Jobs Desperately Need Skilled Employees

Administrative Professionals Week - April 20-26

Did you know that this week is Administrative Professionals Week?

Did you know that good Administrative Professionals command good incomes?

Here is what the Department of Labor says that Administrative Professionals do:

Provide high-level administrative support by conducting research, preparing statistical reports, handling information requests, and performing clerical functions such as preparing correspondence, receiving visitors, arranging conference calls, and scheduling meetings. May also train and supervise lower-level clerical staff.

With experience Administrative Professionals can earn up to $54K in the state of Pennsylvania.

32% of all Administrative Professionals, 25-44 years old, has at least a Bachelors degree.

Learn more about this profession at the International Association of Administrative Professionals.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Get Trained for Hospitality Jobs

Looking for a skilled/hourly job in the Hospitality sector?

Hospitality Jobs Online is an awesome resource to use:

Search by:
-Position eg Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Kitchen, Sales & Marketing, Administrative Support

-Company eg Benchmark Hospitality International, HEI Hotels & Resorts, TPG Hospitality

-Property eg Crowne Plaza, Doubletree, Embassy Suites, Hilton, Holiday Inn, The Greenbriar

-Location eg search by metro cities such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Jobs can also be filtered for Canada and International locations

Job Boards with Skilled/Hourly Jobs

If you search for job boards using "skilled or hourly" keywords, your search will not reveal as much as if you visit top boards and use the keywords on each board separately.

Here is a list to check out today!

Google Base - Select Jobs, Enter Keyword "Skilled" and your zip code. - Browse Jobs by State,and then enter keyword "Skilled". If you select the job categories in the left menu, you will get jobs at all levels, not focused by education or skill levels. - Super simple interface. Search by Job Title and zip code. For example enter "HVAC" and your zip code, to yield the latest and closest job openings. - Super simple interface. Select job category and zip code to get the quickest list. - Oodle remembers your last search and will bring you back there. is not just about jobs, but about finding "oodles" of stuff through classified ads. Easy interface.

Remember that these job boards are often in partnerships with each other and you might very well find the same positions on all of them.

Just identify a layout you like and stick with one to three. Anymore than that and it can get out of hand.

Happy hunting!

Free Online Resume Help

There are tons of places offering free online resume help for job seekers. If you have lost your job or are worried about what the pending recession might do to your job, career or company; you might want to consider updating your resume.

Here are a few resources for you to use to help you get started.

- Top misspelled words on resumes, cover letters and application forms from the Office of Employment and Training from the state of Kentucky.
- Free Resume Critiques for Hourly/Skilled employees from
- How to Organize Your Resume
- A 20-point Checklist to Make Sure Resume Contact Information is Error Free
- Creating a Targeted Resume Objective

You're Applying For Jobs but are you Getting Any Calls?

Congratulations if you are graduating this spring or summer and looking for your first new career after college. By now you should have a marketable resume which you have sent off to many, many organizations.

Busy recruiters and hiring managers discard great resumes all the time. Why? They are unable to connect with candidates.

To get a phone screening interview or a phone interview, recruiters must be able to contact you. Here is how you can make it easy for recruiters to find you:


1. 20 tips to proofread just the contact information on your resume.

2. Resume Writing and Interview FAQs for college students/grads.

3. 10 Reasons You are Not Getting Interviews.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

How Ready Are Your References?

We all know the importance of getting support from those who can share positive words about our skills and competencies during the job search. If you are graduating this year, you should be able to identify several professors who could write references for you.

The ability to get references from your campus, where you have spent four or more years, is a good indicator of your ability to build relationships.

Here are two great posts from Peggy McKee to help you as you ponder how to approach references:

When I Refer to References...
Be Smart About Your References...

Here is also a previous post from BullsEyeResumes:
9 Key Elements of a Good Reference Letter

Finding Apprenticeships in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Apprentice Coordinators Association website is a great place to find more information about apprenticeship programs in this state.

General qualifications, terms of apprenticeships, admission deadlines and contact information are available for the following members:

- Bricklayers and Allied Crafts
- Boilermakers
- Carpenters, Floorlayers and Allied Trades
- Elevator Constuctors
- Heat and Frost Insulators
- Iron Workers
- Laborers
- Operating Engineers
- Painters, Glaziers and Drywall Finishers
- Plasterers and Cement Masons
- Plumbers
- Roofers
- Sheet Metal Workers
- Sprinkler Fitters
- Steam Fitters

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Career Reentry after Recession

Between General Motors and Delphi Corporations, 47,600 hourly/skilled workers have accepted buyouts or early retirement in exchange for financial packages ranging from $35,000 to $140,000. Large scale workforce reductions like this are not good for families and don't do much to inspire workers' confidence in our economy.

Unfortunately, many people will initially perceive these changes as losses and not necessarily see all the options available to them right away. Although it will be difficult, the fact is, I know several people, and we probably all do, who were laid off, downsized or furloughed who ultimately thought it was the best thing that ever happened to them.

Here are some options to help you or someone you know survive a layoff from the Auto industry:

1. Stay positive
2. Go back to school
3. Train or Teach
4. Volunteer
5. Look for related "Green" jobs
6. Relocate for similar jobs
7. Expand options and look across the transportation sector
8. Read and learn as much as you can about effective job search strategies in a competitive marketplace.
9. Start a business
10. Buy a franchise

As you consider the changes ahead, read the blog entries for 11/1/07 to 11/30/07 for step by step instructions to move towards career satisfaction.

In response to the increasing demand and pending shortage of hourly skilled employees, skilled trade workers in Canada and the United States got together to create and online resource called

The online community is dedicated to hourly skilled trades people and the companies that hire them.

Job categories such as those below are listed at Each category can then be researched further for popular job titles in the category, jobs available and job descriptions.

Additionally, hourly skilled workers can search for jobs directly from the job description.

Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft Inspectors
Bricklayer/Stone Mason
Carpenter/framer/ joiner/form workers/finishers
Carpentry Supervisors Foreman, Contractors
Concrete Finisher/Cement Mason and Cribber
Construction Managers/Project Managers/Project Engineer/Superintendent
Construction office
Crane & Hoisting Operator
Drafting Technologists and Technicians
Drillers and Blasters and Surface Mining, Quarrying and Construction
Drywaller/Lather/Plasterer - Interior System
Electrical & Telecom Supervisors, Foreman, Contractors
Electrician (Except Industrial and Power System)
Elevator Constructor
Environmental Technicians and Technologists - includes Alternative Energy(
Facility Operation and Maintenance Managers
Floorcovering Installer
Forklift Operator/Warehouse Technician/Material Handlers/
Foundry Worker
Heavy Construction Supervisors, Foreman, Contractors

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What Are You Worth?

If you want to know what your skill is worth, is an awesome tool to use. Narrow your search based on criteria such as:
-Company Size
-Degrees or Training

Some of the other survey reports by city from include:
Hourly Billing Rate
Hourly Rate
Vacation Weeks
Commute Time
Profit Sharing

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Do You Need Workforce Training in Louisiana?

If you live in Louisiana, there is good news about new job training resources committed by Governor Bobby Jindal effective July 1st.

Here are some of the highlights of the state's newest workforce development program:
- $3M to launch the "Quick Start Training" program to help companies identify, screen and train potential employees
- $17.9M for a "Rapid Response Fund" so that the state can respond to economic development opportunities
- $400K to launch a new state push to maintain relationships with existing firms
- $10M in higher education spending to address the shortage of skilled workers in healthcare, construction and other areas

Here are some additional job resources for Hourly/Skilled workers in the state of Louisiana:

- Career One Stop locations across Louisiana
- Louisiana's Job Bank
- The Advocate Online Job Classifieds
- Everything New Orleans Jobs
- Craig's List Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, New Orleans, Shreveport

How Ready are Your References?

We all know the importance of getting support from those who can share positive words about our skills and competencies during the job search.

Here are two great posts from Peggy McKee to help you as you ponder how to approach references:

When I Refer to References...
Be Smart About Your References...

Here is also a previous post from BullsEyeResumes:
9 Key Elements of a Good Reference Letter

Saturday, April 12, 2008

University Training in The Skilled Trades

West Virginia University came up with a very creative solution to finding and keeping their skilled/hourly talent in the facilities and operations area. They recently welcomed their first class of eight apprentices to full-time skilled trade positions as part of the University’s pilot Apprenticeship Program.

Here is a profile of this class of eight:
-Recent high school graduates
-Military veterans
-Technical school graduates

The group includes one semi-professional football player and two women.

The program is a collaboration between West Virginia University's Facilities Management department and the Division of Human Resources.

The program was developed to build and retain quality skilled staff in niche areas such as electrical, plumbing, carpentry, the general trades, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Per Randy Hudak, director of Facilities Management,“It combines hundreds of hours of on-the-job training with classroom instruction and mentoring.”

Friday, April 11, 2008

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Have you thought about looking for a new job this year?

The third annual Franklin-Covey New Year's resolution survey actually had three job related issues in the top 10 resolutions for 2008.

-Develop a new skill or talent
-Work less, play more
-Change employment

The Career Journal offers a quick little questionaire about your satisfaction with your current career.

Check it out. Maybe you see things differently afterwards.

Healthcare Job Training

The U.S. Labor Department projects that by 2016, Registered Nurses, at 587, 000, tops the list of occupations with the largest growth.

If you are interested in a nursing career in the recession-proof Healthcare sector, you could become a licensed practical nurse, with a year of career training.

A 2002-2003 national study, “Supply, Demand and Use of Practical Nurses,” summarized by the researchers/authors from the American Journal of Nursing, concluded that hospitals could benefit from hiring more LPNs. A LPN should expect a starting salary of approximately $24,000.

How do you become a LPN?
Attend a licensed practical nursing school that prepares you for the NCLEX-LN certification exam which is a requirement to become an LPN in all fifty states.

These resources will help with job hunting as well as finding a career training school:
LPN Nursing Schools in the US and Canada.

Council of Practical Nursing Schools in NY

Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hourly Skilled Workers Are in Demand

Paul Barton, a senior associate at the Educational Testing Service, posed a provocative question in the title of his report: “How many college graduates does the U.S. labor force need?”

His survey counted the number of college-educated workers in jobs that do not require such degrees. Barton found that 60% of people in existing jobs have “some college” or post-secondary credential — yet only one in three jobs actually requires that level of education. In the mean time blue-collar trades people — from truck drivers to plumbers to electricians — are perpetually in demand. None of these fields require training that cannot be gained on-the-job or through apprenticeship programs.

Keep in mind that less than 40% of the largest and fastest-growing job classifications require four-year diplomas. Hourly/Skilled workers continue to be the backbone of the US economy.

Read more at TC Palm News

Making the Most of Jobs Fairs

If you are in the Class of 2008 and planning to attend job fairs this spring, here are some questions to ask about the company, the industry or the job.

The more you have researched the organization, the better your conversation will be. Read - Looking for the Right Place to Work - Do Your Research?

• I am interested in your company because …Can you offer me suggestions on how I can successfully apply to your organization?

• Can you tell me what types of skills and experience your company looks for in new graduates?

• Can you describe a typical entry-level position in your company for which I might qualify?

• What kinds of training programs does your company have set up for entry-level positions?

• What do you like most about working for your company?

• Can you tell me more about the internship/coop program or summer employment mentioned on your website?

• I am interested in (blank), whom in your company would you suggest that I contact?

• May I leave my resume with you?

• How may I follow up with you?

• What should a college graduate know about this industry before they apply for a job or begin a career?

• What professional associations would you recommend for an entry level employee?

• Can you recommend periodicals and journals you think would be important for me to subscribe to for professionals in this field?

• What skills do you think are the most important in building a successful career in this field?

• Where can I find out more about career paths in this industry?

• What advice would you give to someone trying to break into this field?

Not Your Father's VoTech - PA Schools are Redefining VoTechs

VoTech education in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania is changing per an article in Morning Call.

The article states, "No longer just a stopping point for students destined to become carpenters, beauticians or mechanics, area vo-techs are now tailoring courses and curricula to help students land high-paying white-collar jobs in fields such as architecture, Web design and health care".

Example of one student who will benefit?

Tara VanDenEynde is 18 years old and spends half of her day at the Lehigh Career & Technical Institute in the school's dental lab. Her anticipated salary as a Dental Hygienist after completion of her Associates? $55K.

How is Tara different from VoTech students in years gone by? She is an honors student at Northwestern Lehigh High School.

Emma Ratz is enrolled at Lehigh in the Commercial Photography program. "Almost everything about this school, a student had a part in...I love this school. If feel like I have a family here".

If you or someone you know is exploring careers, take another look at VoTech education and how it has evolved to meet the needs of students and communities.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dropping out of High School Will Affect Your Career

Your high school diploma is a key to future career and job success.

The US Department of Education reports that "high school dropouts earn 30 percent less than high school graduates, when they can find jobs at all".

Did you know that the US graduation rate is about 70%, which is well behind countries like South Korea at 96 percent or Russia at 87 percent.

Not only are US students dropping out of highschool at an alarming rate, US schools are using different metrics from the Department of Education to measure graduation rates. For example, in the state of Mississippi, the state reports 87 % graduation rates when the Department of Education figures shows it at 63.3%. This leaves us with even greater confusion about the whole situation.

Here is where there is no confusion; you need a high school diploma to have good jobs and a good career.

Don't be left behind and set yourself up to be unemployed or earn 30% less.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Taking the Internship Up a Notch

Check out this great slide show at BusinessWeek showcasing new professionals who completed internships with top companies. Today's employers are successfully using internship programs to find good candidates for long term career and leadership development programs.

This slide show features former college interns from top programs and highlight their "Extra Effort" assignments as well as their advice for others wanting to have similar success on their own internship program.

Some quick "Be's" for internship success:

1. Be willing to go above and beyond
2. Be ready to learn from those with experience
3. Be aware of your surroundings
4. Be open to learning new things
5. Be a team player
6. Be quick to volunteer
7. Be unwavering about doing good work
8. Be sure to make connections and network
9. Be gracious about doing less than glamorous work
10. Be a good representative for your college. The future relationship between this employer and your university will depend a lot on your behavior during the summer internship.

Read more about "Internship Behavior You Might Live to Regret".

Friday, April 4, 2008

Use an Outplacement Service After Layoff

Many companies that are considering reducing their workforce will often hire contractors to provide outplacement services for the staff.

Some of the services that these outplacement services offer include:

-Resume writing
-Job search preparation
-Interview skills training
-Career coaching through one-on-one sessions or in group workshops
-Office resources for you to use in the job search such as computers and internet access

Keep in mind that these outplacement services are usually available to you for a limited time only. Be sure to utilize them during the contracted period. You may have to pay for job search services beyond the contract period.

Be wary also of other services not contracted by your company, who prey on the newly laid off and charge outrageous fees, promise a lot and deliver little or nothing for you.

Here are some resources when using outplacement firms:

Here are some resources when using outplacement firms:

Association of Career Firms International
Do your due diligence and find an outplacement firm in your specific area either in the US or Canada.

Association of Career Professionals
Look for members who specialize in career management and transition

Regardless of who you choose to work with, do not give up your power to others. Much of the legwork and research you will be able to do on your own. The key to successful transitions:
1. Stay positive (Read - A Positive Attitude is Key to Successful Career Transitions)
2. Check out the 30-Days To Career Satisfaction blog entries for November 2007

Pending Shortage of Skilled Workers

Skilled worker shortage hurts U.S.
Employers are saying they would be hiring more people if they could find the skilled workers they need.
By Chris Isidore, senior writer
January 5 2007: 2:56 PM EST

NEW YORK ( -- The biggest problem with job growth right now isn't too few new jobs. It's too few skilled workers. Read complete article here.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Can People Make Money Online Part-Time?

You have probably heard that some people are making money online. In fact, some say that some risk takers can make a lot of money online.

Is it real? For many it is. For most the jury is probably still out.

As you consider whether you should leave your regular day job to make money online, these resources might help.

1. StartupNation
2. Rob Malon
3. Forbes - How to Make Money Online
4. Jay Levinson - Gorilla Marketing Association
5. Money Making Mommy